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  • My Drawing progression in 2023

    This is what I created today in my sketch book.

  • Mind connection with animals

    Can we communicate without speaking any words with animals ? Yes it happened with me. It’s in my daily routine to give biscuit to one dog whose name is Tommy. It’s an street dog but hang out in front of my dehradun house. One day I was feeding my dog and his brother was looking […]

  • 3D Model I created in Blender

    Last year I also learned Blender from Scratch. And created many basic model using same open source software.

  • Using Bitbucket with git for version control

    As this year I am committed to work on my old neglected personal and professional websites , so in order to control version of website’s, today i took a sort online class from my friend ravi about using Bitbucket and git . Here I am sharing important cmd use in git 1) Git init – […]

  • My Drawing Progression 2022

    I must post my drawing progression. In starting of 2022 i was really determined to improve my drawing skills and i also improve my skill.

  • Goals 2023

    This year I continue working on goals that I set last year. . Focus will be on creative activity , improving drawing skills , 3D Art and in addition to this , will read atleast 2-4 book per month.  My personal and professional website’s also need my attention. #2023goals I also suppose to improve my […]

  • Installation of SSL Certificate – EUREKA Moment

    Today i mistekly changed few permission on my server and run few linux cmd and surprisingly SSL certificate got installed. For last one year ,Ravi and I were looking for problem that was stopping us to install certificate . So today it was really a EUREKA moment for us.

  • Scratch-How Easy is it for Beginners?

    Imagine, Program, Share Kids aged above 7 years should not find Scratch hard to learn since it is use visual elements and simplified drag and drop functionality. It has been created specifically for kids with the primary purpose of giving them an early exposure to understanding the basics of coding and programming. Scratch is the […]

  • Types of Report we Generate in JIRA

    In JIRA, We can generate reports like: Agile Reports: Burndown Report, Burnup Report, Sprint Report,Velocity Report, Cumulative Flow Diagram, Version Report, Epic Report, Control Chart, Epic Burndown,Release Burndown Issue Analysis: Average Age Report, Created vs. Resolved Issues Report, Pie ChartReport, Recently Created Issues Report, Resolution Time Report, Single Level Group By Report, Time SinceIssues Report […]

  • How to Create Database for WordPress Websites

    Using the MySQL Client We can create MySQL users and databases quickly and easily by running mysql from the shell. The syntax is shown below and the dollar sign is the command prompt: $ mysql -u adminusername -pEnter password:Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.Your MySQL connection id is 5340 to […]