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  • Lock it and protect it. Wish you a very happy World Password Day. 2022

    This day is being celebrated to create awareness among people to set or use strong Password to safe their belongings. World Password Day is observed each year on the first Thursday of May to promote cybersecurity. A Strong Password is crucial for preventing attacks by cybercriminals. Pass1234 and @dm1n@123 is most common password used by […]

  • My Sketching progression

  • What is JIRA

    JIRA is a tool Basically used for Project Management , Bug Tracking and issue tracking .It is developed by Australian Company Atlassian . Jira software can be used for the following purposes: Project ManagementTask ManagementBug TrackingIn Agile MethodologyProduct ManagementSoftware Development

  • My today sketch

    It took me half an hour to Sketch this beautiful bird . I really loved the end result.

  • How to inspire your Kid toward Math

    There must be many ways to inspire your kids towards math. Always remember that your kid always follow you , so in one way you start talking about math. And another one of best way to show Movies related to Math. Kids can gain a better understanding of math by seeing movies that demonstrate the […]