Author: vinoddev

  • My First Digital Art

    I am creating 3D model in blender for last one month but Recently i also developed interest in digital drawing. I am using CLIP studio as my primary software for drawing . I got license of CLIP Studio with my wacom stylus. Today after spending one week learning CLIP studio , i created something meaningful.

  • Bird , Raining and my balcony

    It’s raining in dehradun for last days , and it really become challenging for birds to get food. Being an bird lover , I always try to arrange food for all birds around in my balcony. There is nothing like watching birds from window , eating the food in such rainy days in balcony . […]

  • Modeling a Bird in Blender

    It took me almost 3 week to finished this 3D model in blander. It was really great learning while creating this piece of Art . Creating tail using array with empty object took my 90 % of total time I spent on creating this model .

  • 2nd february and birthday of my friend surender and khushwant Singh

    Its 2nd feb and birthday of one of my best friend surender.and today its also birthday of one of great indian Author , Journalist, Diplomat and politician Mr.Khusheant Singh . I grew up reading his sort stories in our NCERT english book course. And used to saw many books written by him in school library […]

  • If Array Modifier does not work in Blender

    Being new in world of creativity in Blender , I daily face new challenges . Some challenges or must say issues I solve on daily basis but take one or two days to resolve. Like two week ago I was creating a bird in blender , as soon as I started to create tail of […]

  • End of Blackberry era

    Is this really going to be end of Blackberry era ?? If we trust news around , every blackberry device go to halt on 4th of jan 2022. Being hardcore blackberry devie lover , I don’t welcome this action from Blackberry inc.

  • Mission 2022

    Jira, Graphics ,Gaming, Drupal. That’s what I am really going to do this year . This Year definitely going to be great .

  • Year 2022 Dedicated to Art

    If in one word , I had to describe 2022 ,this one word would be ART .

  • What I did in 2021

    Definitely I didn’t waste my 2021. I developed many new skills in Yoga and in technology. And this New Year 2022 , going to be totally different.

  • Mission 2022

    In year 2021 , I really learnt many new things and technologies including few new programming language. This year I suppose to learn two computer programming to Advance level. In addition to this , I also developed interest in Game development , character creation with graphics. So I suppose to take it to next level. […]