If Array Modifier does not work in Blender

Being new in world of creativity in Blender , I daily face new challenges . Some challenges or must say issues I solve on daily basis but take one or two days to resolve.

Like two week ago I was creating a bird in blender , as soon as I started to create tail of bird using array modifier , I got strucked. I was using Empty object with Array modifier.

I almost tried more than 100 times to get desirable result in last 2 weeks , but everytime I failed.

Today again I started my journey to solve it . And googled number of youtube videos but no hope.

Suddenly I across something , that says that APPLY TRANSFORMATION (CTRL+A) before applying any modifier. I did same but result was again Big Zero. But I was quite sure that transformation was not properly applied on PLANE that is was using for creating tail.

I selected whole workspace and applied transformation using CTRL+A. And here I go . Finally I got desirable result after 2 week.

Persistence matter.

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