End of Blackberry era

Is this really going to be end of Blackberry era ?? If we trust news around , every blackberry device go to halt on 4th of jan 2022. Being hardcore blackberry devie lover , I don’t welcome this action from Blackberry inc.

Mission 2022

Jira, Graphics ,Gaming, Drupal. That’s what I am really going to do this year . This Year definitely going to be great .

What I did in 2021

Definitely I didn’t waste my 2021. I developed many new skills in Yoga and in technology. And this New Year 2022 , going to be totally different.

Mission 2022

In year 2021 , I really learnt many new things and technologies including few new programming language. This year I suppose to learn two computer programming to Advance level. In addition to this , I also developed interest in Game development , character creation with graphics. So I suppose to take it to next level.… Continue reading Mission 2022

How to fix Bluetooth keyboard lag in Window 11

I recently faced same problem when i bought wireless Logitech keyboard mouse . After troubleshooting , i came to know that USB port incompatibility . so check both USB port before declaring Keyboard faulty .